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A unique industrial milieu. The former power plant comprises nine buildings, two large gasometers that have become local landmarks and 2,5 hectares of open-air yard area.

VISIO Festival introduces 

3 intimate stages use A-class light & sound design to highlight the rich history of the area. Tiivistämö, Cirko, Magito and the yard spaces near. 



The meter room of the former electrical power plant has hosted the techno stage for the previous 3 years. The building was constructed using the then revolutionary steel-reinforced concrete method giving the venue an unique industrial vibe with top level sound and visuals comes alive at night time.


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The new stage addition to the VISIO 2020 edition and here we will see top names of House Music. The room is a high space with an arched ceiling. With top level sound design, visuals & lights the room will come alive at night. Maneesi has us excited as the added capacity brings new opportunities.

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The crowd favourite 360° stage returns. Boasting an oversized sound, the stage vibrates with energy. Magito has been an avid supporter of what we are all about, playing a vital part of each

VISIO Festival.

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